Royal Pearl Fine Jewellery 皇廷珍珠鑽飾
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Royal Pearl Fine Jewellery 皇廷珍珠鑽飾


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Raymond So, the founder of Royal Pearl Fine Jewellery, has over 28 years experience in the jewellery industry.  He has established a strong foundation in the international jewellery market over the years, covering Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe and the Middle East.


The company specialized in the diverse use of diamond and gemstones such as emerald, ruby and sapphire.  Other then the diamond products, the company also focuses on pearls, such as South Sea pearl, Tahitian pearls and Akoya pearls.


The company provides elegant and fashionable designs with highly sophisticated craftsmanship that can satisfy the different customer needs.


With the strong support of production team partners from Hong Kong and China, as well as the local designer team; we can certainly give you the most up-to-date sense of jewellery touch.


Finally, with the direct source of Canadian diamonds, Burmese rubies, Sri Lankan sapphires and Columbian emeralds as well as south sea pearls from Australia and selected Akoya pearls from Japan, we can certainly give you the most reasonable price for your selections.