About Us

Shoppes of the Parkway is located at Richmond Hill’s busiest Highway 7 where you can easily visit without any hassle.

There are such a variety of shops that are unique and one of a kind compared to all other malls:


We have famous fried chicken that is crispy and juicy; Fish Sauce Chicken that is so very aromatic and smooth that will melt in your mouth; one of a kind General Tso’s Chicken as well as French fries that you will never forget once you taste them!

We also have the authentic Thai cuisine that will surprise you with its vast variety of food!  Remember to try the taro desert; mouthwatering Japanese bento like soft bone pork and unforgettable pork cutlet.

You can get a cup of milk tea everywhere but nowhere as special as what you will find here the Pandan Leaf Milk Tea!  You will discover a new era of food exploration with milky fish soup noodle where all ingredients are freshly prepared.  Our simple and yet delicious sandwiches, along with a cup of hot soup, you will be treating yourself with a feast of a lifetime!

Remember to try a very special Indian curry from our 20-year old Host Restaurant.


Do you want to shine and attract people’s attention at a spectacular banquet?  We have image design, wedding gown, traditional Eastern dress as well as Western dinner suit where they are ready for purchase or be custom-made.

Huge variety of jewelry is within reach with several steps from right where you are!  But do you want to be slim? Improve your skin’s condition?  No need to look elsewhere as there are shops available to help uplift your skin contour and experience permanent make-up. You might also want to consider bouquet, hair styling as well as how the total package can give you the best experience of your lifetime!  We have all the professionals here at your service!

We have clothes altering services where we offer custom fit services that will bring out your glister. No matter of leathery and fur clothing that you will be spoiled with our professionals! This is what we do best here!


We also offer other servicing and consulting advices on areas such as pain relief/treatment, investment, real estate, immigration, paralegal, travel, accounting, car accessories etc. The choices are limitless!


Last but not least, we also have possibly the best fortune telling, Feng Shui consultation, airsoft/camping equipment, and collectible coins available at the mall! Ultimately, the shops within the mall are packages of joy and surprises that will forever give you the power to stand out in the crowd!

喜來登商場位於列治民山最繁忙之 Hwy 7,交通四通八達。隔鄰為 Sheraton Parkway Hotel及 Best Western Hotel。






要嚐印度咖哩,當然首選是超過20年歷史的 Host Restaurant。






當然也有服務及顧問公司,如痛症治療;投資;地產;移民;法律;旅遊;會計,車內用品… 。